Frequent Asked Questions
1. What is i-Merchants?

i-Merchants is an Online Business Listing app, designed for users to search for businesses around their neighbourhood. The directory is complete with business information such as shop address, operation hours, customer reviews, and etc. Business owners are welcome to sign up with i-Merchants to be listed in the i-Merchants directory.

2. How do I add my business to i-Merchants?

Simply download the i-Merchants app from Google Play or Apple App Store and sign up as a merchant. Make sure your business information is correct, as it will be displayed to potential customers. Get more information on how to start as a merchant here.

3. Who can view i-Merchants business directory?

All i-Merchants app users.

4. There are many types of businesses out there, how do you separate them?

We have made a list of categories in the app to separate merchants based on their business type, for example restaurant, laundry, etc. Merchant can choose the category that fits their business the best.

5. How do customers search us (merchant)?

Customers can browse the merchant directory in i-Merchants app and filter the directory by business category or location.

6. What other features do you have in i-Merchants?

Aside from directory, i-Merchants allows customers to make appointments and reservations, put up service review and ratings, and more.

7. I have recently moved my shop to a new location. How can I change my business details?

Log in to your account via i-Merchants app and update your business details there. Changes will reflect instantly in the directory.

8. Will there be any other features added in i-Merchants in the future?

Definitely. We are constantly making improvements and will be adding more useful features in i-Merchants app. If you have any suggestions or feedback, do share it with us. We’re all ears.

9. What are the charges like?

i-Merchants is absolutely free of charge for all users.

10. Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes, You can cancel your account at any time. Your business details will be removed from the i-Merchants directory once you have cancelled your account.

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